Time is money. Never has that been more true than it is today. Every company is looking to perfect lean production, maximize up-time and minimize work stoppages. Avia-Dynamics distributes high reliability products that help alleviate unscheduled maintenance or equipment failure. The companies represented by Avia-Dynamics manufacturer the most reliable components on the market.

SERIES ES EMERGENCY-OFF SWITCHESIt doesn’t matter whether you call it e-stop, emergency stop, emergency switch or e-stop switch, Kissling has the right switch for your application. Kissling’s selection of sealed safety and emergency stop (E-STOP) switches have been designed, and manufactured to the most exacting quality standards and are relied on by hundreds of customers around the world to perform under extreme conditions.

The ES series for industrial applications and vehicles is a compact, sealed and ruggedized housing with small dimensions and a high resistance to shock, vibration, dust and moisture and these characteristics are important for a safe and reliable switching. It can be considered as a plug and play system which can be also used in hazard environments. Safety related switching applications are no place to compromise on quality – and nobody understands that better than Kissling.p6_picture_b1

OTTO produces some of the most reliable limit switches on the market. The P6 series (right) switches are sealed against immersion and corrosive atmospheres. These switches are designed for rugged duty both mechanically and electrically. A one-piece stainless steel or nickel plated brass housing, sealed at the plunger with an O-ring seal and at the base with a glass-to-metal header option provides true environment-free sealing to comply with MIL-PRF-8805/39, MIL-PRF-8805/40, MIL-PRF-8805/43, MIL-PRF-8805/100 and MIL-PRF-8805/104. Most case parts are grounded for EMI reduction.

Proximity SwitchesKissling offers a wide range of proximity switches. These Kissling proximity switches have all been specifically designed for mission critical applications with extended environmental requirements.  These high quality switches are extremely precise and display both reliable and consistent switching behavior under the harshest conditions and offer excellent hysteresis and reproducibility values over the entire rated temperature range.

These switches are all enclosed steel or thermoplast housings and sealed in accordance with the IP67 standard. Our broad selection of proximity switches includes multiple switching configurations; special models for extended operating temperature ranges or extended life cycles; various electrical connection types; and a number of different housing styles and actuator geometries.