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OTTO supports a full line of electromechanical and hall effect switching devices. (OTTO Switches Controls Catalog (Full .pdf) BUY OTTO Controls – Click Here for our e-Store. To see more options please choose a product type below.  
DRI Relays - Avia- Dynamics

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      Buy DRI Relays Now! Visit our e-Store! E110         (M83536/34) Series ES110       (M83536/35) Series E205          (M83536/1) Series ES205        (M83536/2) Series E210          (M83536/9) Series ES210      (M83536/10) Series EA210      (M83536/11) Series E310        (M83536/21) Series ES310      (M83536/22) Series E325        (M83536/32) Series ES325 […]