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Bishop Capacitors - Avia-Dynamics

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Bishop Electronics Part Number Breakdown – Capacitor Click Here for a Part Number Builder. Metalized Polyester A11 Spec Sheet (Metalized Polyester) Oval Bishop Electronics A21 Spec Sheet (Metalized Polyester) Round Bishop Electronics A41 Spec Sheet (Metalized Polyester) Flat Bishop Electronics Capacitor A32 Spec Sheet (Metalized Polyester) Rect. Radial Bishop Electronics Capacitor A31 Spec Sheet (Metalized […]
Single Phase RC Network

Electrocube Catalog

Electrocube maintains an extensive line of more than 400 precision UL-recognized and ULC-approved RC Networks. Also known as resistors, resistor-capacitors, or RC filters, Electrocube’s RC Networks are designed to prevent or substantially minimize the occurrence of arcing and noise generations in relay and switch contacts.  

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OTTO supports a full line of electromechanical and hall effect switching devices. (OTTO Switches Controls Catalog (Full .pdf) BUY OTTO Controls – Click Here for our e-Store. To see more options please choose a product type below.  
DRI Relays - Avia- Dynamics

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Click Here to Buy DRI Relays Now! Visit our e-Store! First-Switch Tech. Relays – DRI Relays E110         (M83536/34) Series   ES110       (M83536/35) Series   E205          (M83536/1) Series   ES205        (M83536/2) Series   E210          (M83536/9) Series   ES210      (M83536/10) Series   EA210 […]