Arvan Inc.

Arvan Inc.
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Avia-Dynamics Corp. is proud to be an Authorized Arvan Distributor.

Arvan is a manufacturing company specializing in fabricating Mechanical and Electrical Components and Assemblies for the Aircraft, Electronic, Microwave and Electrical Power Industries. Its capabilities include Compression and Injection Transfer Molding of Composite Materials, CNC Precision Machining, Sheet Metal and Assembly work. Arvan offers competitive pricing, 50 years industry experience, and an extensive AN, MS, NAS, BAC, LS, and DAC print library. All of this along with superior customer service and trained, qualified sales personnel. Arvan is committed to quality and service.

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Arvan’s product lines include:

  •  Pulleys: Arvan is a QPL’d manufacturer of Military Standard and OEM Specified Aircraft Control Pulleys.
  • Terminal Blocks: Arvan manufactures a full line of Military Standard Terminal Blocks, Covers and Accessories for electrical power distribution and termination.
  • Terminal Lugs: Arvan is a QPL’d manufacturer of Military Standard Aluminum Lugs for termination of aluminum electrical wires.
  • Compression Molding: Our compression presses, including a 3,000 ton press, are capable of molding parts up to 5’x 8′. Our Engineering Department has state of the art software to engage in Concurrent Engineering Design with our Customers. Our CMM is capable of inspecting parts up to 48″ x 80″x 40″.
  • Injection Molding: Our 150 ton to 300 ton presses will mold various engineering plastics such as Nylon, PEEK, and Ultem.
  • Buss Bars: Laminated Bus Bars consist of parallel plates of conductors bonded closely together, separated by a thin layer of insulation. Replacing point to point wiring, these conductors provide low inductance, high capacitance and ease of assembly. Laminated Buss Assemblies are the designer’s choice of system integration wherever high power switching, such as IGBT’s, are involved.
  • Transfer Molding  Arvan, Inc. using the transfer molding process, can produce up to a 3 lb. shot, on any transfer grade thermoset material