Audio-Optimized Film Capacitors

Avia-Dynamics is proud to offer the full line of Electrocube audio-optimized film capacitors specially designed and optimized for the high-end audio industry. Whether for professional, commercial, stage or studio applications, these film capacitors are preferred by audio engineers for their high grade materials and proprietary design and manufacturing processes.

Precision-wrap and fill, oval/round and epoxy case/hermetically-sealed capacitors store energy for a number of applications such as AC and pulsing, high surges and high frequency/high current/low ESR. The audio-optimized film capacitors are available in modern and retro styles.









Most of the later model guitars use ceramic capacitors in the tone control network. The basic reason is the manufacturer’s bottom line: Ceramic capacitors are cheap! There are two major drawbacks in using ceramic capacitors. First, they pick up mechanical vibrations such as with a microphone, turning them into unwanted electrical signals. These vibrations cause a squeezing or oscillation of the ceramic dielectric that produces a small voltage in the capacitor. This small voltage (in microvolts) can cause audio distortion and poor tone control this distortion is called microphonics. The second problem with ceramic capacitors is the poor audio frequency response. The tone control is a band-pass type of filter allowing certain audio frequencies and shunting to ground undesired audio frequencies. Ceramic capacitors have a poor series resistance (ESR) and a low insulation resistance (IR), which adds additional resistance to the tuned circuit thus, poor audio response.


electrocube-guitar-bass-tone-film-capacitors-technical-bulletin_Page_3_Image_0001Tom Colella’s Set-up in a Gibson Les Paul Using Electrocube Type PM Retro Capacitors.





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