SERIES ES EMERGENCY-OFF SWITCHESThe ES series for industrial applications and vehicles is a compact, sealed and ruggedized housing with small dimensions and a high resistance to shock, vibration, dust and moisture and these characteristics are important for a safe and reliable switching. Thanks to the IP69K sealed Kissling switch solutions additional protection is not required anymore. It can be considered as a plug and play system which can be also used in hazard environments. Safety related switching applications are no place to compromise on quality – and nobody understands that better than Kissling.

SERIES 28 - 30 (EC) RELAYS WITH ELECTRONICSKissling is a well-known supplier of sealed power relays and the innovative Series 30 (EC) Bi-Stable relay was developed using our extensive competence and know-how gathered over decades of manufacturing high-end power relays to meet even the most difficult operating requirements.

This Bi-Stable relay is based on the Series 30 industrial relay and has all of the same quality mechanical and electrical switching characteristics – but also features additional electronic functions for pulse protection of the coil, a low energy switching input for direct connection to an ECU, as well as optional current and voltage sensing on the main contacts.