On Highway

Truck FrontOn Highway transportation demands the highest quality components. Every mile driven punishes the components necessary for the proper function of the many systems integrated into modern trucks. Designing in the highest quality components keeps trucks on the road longer, keeps drivers safer and keeps businesses growing.

Avia-Dynamics stocks high power relays, battery disconnect switches, rocker switches, toggle switches and specialty connectors designed to exceed the strenuous demands of a lifetime on the highway. For over 30 years, Avia-Dynamics has supplied the highest quality brands like Kissling, OTTO, Electrocube.

200A Battery DisconnectorKissling, a manufacturer of high power relays and switches, offers products that provide safety and reliability. The Kissling manually operated battery disconnectors range from 200 A to 500 A and meet the most demanding requirements in all vehicle applications. The nominal current ratings refer to continuous DC current at up to 100% duty cycle and the switches are built to switch under full load and can handle up to 5 times the continuous current level for up to 10 seconds as overload current.

All Series 35 battery disconnectors are sealed with a technology that meets or exceeds the IP 67 and IP6K9K (steam cleaning) standards and the switches are designed to operate at temperatures between -40F and +185F. Options include single or dual pole configurations, various mounting and locking (security) alternatives as well as different shapes and colors of the operating handles.

RockerThe OTTO K5 series is a quality, precision switch designed to comply with standards established for appliance, marine (ignition protection) and off-road vehicles along with other demanding applications where rugged rocker switches are required. Available in standard and logic level contact ratings, the K5 rockers will fit a wide range of applications. Expect a minimum of 25,000 cycles at a full rated load of 20 amps resistive or 15 amps inductive. 100,000 cycles mechanical. A full complement of switch operation is available including momentary and maintained action in 2 or 3-position switches in SPST, SPDT, SPTT, DPST and DPDT circuit arrangements.