M83536 relayAvia-Dynamics has served the commercial, military and general aviation market for over 30 years. Avia-Dynamics provides engineering assistance, product support, custom stocking packages and tailored credit terms for the aviation community.

Avia-Dynamics proudly stocks DRI relays, a world leading manufacturer of switching technologies for severe environments, provides a complete range of hermetically sealed relays, function relays and airborne systems for aeronautics, space, military / defense and railways. DRI Relay is the industry leader for Mil-Spec. approved M83536 relays and Boeing approved BACR relays.


T4-T_Mini_Picture_AOTTO offers a full line a high reliability switches with electromechanical or hall effect technology.  Numerous button styles are available on both the Commercial and Military grade switch versions. Trim switches (left) offer many possible configurations as well as a tactile feel option. 2 way, 4 way and 4 way with pushbutton versions are available. OTTO also offers slide, rocker, toggle and pushbutton switches, some of which offer 10 million cycles.




Slide switches, (right) are commonly used in flight decks for PTT (Push-to-Talk) switches. Slide switches are offered with Single & double pole, double throw switch configuration. Low level rating available with gold plate contacts and terminals. 3-position center OFF with momentary or maintained switch action in any combination and come. certified to be dust tight to MIL-PRF-8805 Design 2.