Why Choose Us

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0025.JPGAvia-Dynamics, Corp. is a provider of high reliability components and assemblies for the aviation, military, heavy equipment and industrial markets. With a crowded marketplace of distributors who force customers to web portals and “estores”, Avia-Dynamics Corp separates itself by offering exceptional customer service, custom stocking packages, flexible credit and free shipping*. For over 30 years, Avia-Dynamics Corp. has offered best of breed products from manufacturers like, OTTO Controls, Spacecraft Components, DRI Relays and Aero-Electric Connectors.

Competitive Pricing

Through solid partner relationship that have spanned decades, Avia-Dynamics delivers competitive pricing on top quality components and assemblies. Our loyal customers enjoy multi-year price locks, Just-In-Time delivery and free shipping*. Avia-Dynamics wants to help protect your multi-year project from pricing fluctuations and production delays.

Individualized Support

In addition to providing attractive pricing for superior quality components and assemblies, we provide tailored services our competitors simply will not offer. We know you can buy the products we sell elsewhere, but our customers keep coming back because no one else supports their production the way Avia-Dynamics does.

We help you choose the very best products and delivery solutions for your specific needs.

Professional Customer Assistance

Our staff has decades of application and engineering experience. Because of this experience we have been able to assist many of our customers solve problems at no extra charge. Our experience allows us to give you better service than anyone in the industry. At Avia, we understand that when our customers are successful, we will be successful.

When it comes to this level of service, few companies compete!

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

One reason we have strong customer loyalty and decades-long relationships is because of the quality of our sales team. Our team has the experience and knowledge to help solve problems. It does not matter if your PO is for $100 or $100,000, our Sales Support Team is encouraged to serve our customers needs and offer appropriate solutions. We will spend the time and energy required to provide a useful service to our customer. We do not chase purchase orders, we build relationships.

Give us a call today, you’ll be glad you found
Avia-Dynamics, Corp.


(*Restrictions Apply. Ask you Avia-Dynamics Customer Service Rep. for details.)