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About Avia-Dynamics

Avia-Dynamics Corp. has earned a reputation for excellence in the Aviation industry. For more than 30 years Avia-Dynamics, a family owned and operated company, has provided quality electrical components for perennial industry leaders and innovative start-up companies alike. Throughout our tenure as one of the industry’s standout organizations, we have cultivated numerous long-standing partnerships which […]
Why Choose Avia Dynamics

Why Choose Us

Avia-Dynamics, Corp. is a provider of high reliability components and assemblies for the aviation, military, heavy equipment and industrial markets. With a crowded marketplace of distributors who force customers to web portals and “estores”, Avia-Dynamics Corp separates itself by offering exceptional customer service, custom stocking packages, flexible credit and free shipping*. For over 30 years, […]
WT1019 (2B75-1A)

WT1019 (60B00010-5)

Avia-Dynamics Corp. is pleased to announce that it is the exclusive distributor for the new Electrocube, Current Sensing Transformer, WT1019. This unit is an FAA-PMA approved (see link below) retrofit replacement for Honeywell part number 2B75-1-A (sometimes listed as 2B75-1A or 2B75-1 STYLE LTR A). Part number WT1019 is Boeing tested and meets the requirements […]


Avia-Dynamics offers a comprehensive selection of aircraft electrical products, knowledgeable staff, and unparalleled customer service. The Avia-Dynamics team of professionals pride themselves on being sensitive to the needs of the customer. From sales to accounting; stock room to the President’s office, our team is committed to providing the best service possible and the best price. […]
Avia-Dynamics, Corp. US Patent for GFCI Galley Application

Our Patents

Avia-Dynamics, Corp. has two approved patents for 400Hz Aircraft Electrical Systems.